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NYC Wedding Photographer | Details Made Simple

Its been a while, but we’re back! We took a bit of a hiatus from blogging to find new vendors, more ideas, and better plans for your big day! Today, were featuring Carla Friday owner of Details Made Simple – an amazing Wedding Coordinator based out of NJ. Carla gives us some wonderful tips on the top 3 questions a bride should ask her coordinator and advice on how not to stress out during your day.



1. Introduce yourself & your company. 

I’m Carla Friday, Owner and Founder of Details Made Simple ~ specializing in Wedding Day Coordination.






Photographer: Erica Lyn Photography

2. Why did you start your business?

I started my business back in May 2011, with this distinct vision of making peoples day super special. I thought to myself, with my passion for event planning and coordinating and my love for “LOVE”, why not combine all of that and share it with the world! So it starts – we having been spreading the love ever since!

3. Why do your services add to the brides wedding day?

They more than add to the day, our service makes the entire day. Wedding Day Coordination with Details Made Simple is an essential service that ensures that all of a bride’s hard work planning their perfect day goes off without a hitch. Our ultimate goal is to give them peace of mind knowing that the biggest day of their life will happen just the way they’ve planned it.


Photographer: Vanessa Joy Photography

4. What makes you different from your competition?

What makes us different is that we specialize in wedding day coordination, it’s all we do. We have packages that offer help with some planning, however we pride ourselves in being experts in coordinating weddings and other events. We make is easy for our clients to relax and actually enjoy themselves that day. Our coordinators are personable, super nice, organized and resourceful. After one conversion with us you will feel like we have been friends for years. I feel that it’s important to have a connection with our brides, as I’m sure they feel the same about us. However, we learn their personalities, likes and dislikes. This makes it easy for us to recommend ideas to them for their theme or vision. I’m always sending my lovely brides photos of something I saw at a store, because I knew that would like it. Half the time I’m shopping for them, instead of myself, because I see something that reminds me of them and their wedding. I completely forget what I shopping for!  We are constantly thinking of our brides!

5. When should brides book your services? Why?

We have clients booked all the way out to 2014, these are the brides that are fully aware that they need someone that day and know the value of wedding day coordination. They snag us early. However, it is also common to book a few months out, when things start to get stressful and you just simply realize the need to have someone take over and help out. So really, it is always a right time to book a Details Made Simple Wedding Coordinator.


6. What kind of wedding trends do you see with your upcoming brides?

Some trends we are already seeing, is the LOVE for D.I.Y (Do It Yourself). We have so many D.I.Y. brides and we love every minute of it! We are total D.I.Y. junkies! We love collaborating with and helping our clients with their projects. But most of all I love setting them all up and making it come to life. It’s really important to have a coordinator when you’re a DIY Bride. It’s the only way to insure your vision for these projects gets set up the way to always imagined. As most venues and Maître d’s do not do this type of set up as they are more focus on their duties as the venue. This has become such a trend; we’ve even created a special package for such a bride – The V.I.B. Package (Very Important Bride)!

7. What is one must have that you wish every bride would have on their wedding day and why?

A Wedding Day Coordinator of course ~ preferably with one of the fabulous ladies here at Details Made Simple! But seriously, whether you hired us or someone else, it’s such a great service and gives total piece of mind knowing all will be perfect on your big day. There is so much that goes into making a big event run smoothly, and it’s great to have a coordinator alongside you making sure that happens.


8. What are the top 3 questions every bride should ask when booking your services?

  • Top three would be:
        • What can YOU do to make my day stress-free?
        • Can you explain your packages to me so I can understand which one is the best fit for my needs for my wedding?
        • Is my date available?

9. Any advice you want to give to future brides.

Yes of course – if you are feeling a little over whelmed, don’t worry that is normal. Just know that there is help out there for you! You don’t have to feel stressed out with the thought of “how will I get it all done”. Just give us a call, we are here to help!

10. What new accomplishments can we see from your company in the upcoming months?

  • We have just teamed up with the Ronald McDonald House of Long Branch and New Brunswick to donate our coordination services where needed at their awesome charity events. This is very exciting for us and so fulfilling to be able to give back and make a difference with such an amazing foundation.
  • We will be adding some amazing new services to the DMS family soon, so stay tuned for more!

CF3Photographer: Ciro Photography

Have a great day!

~Flor & Johnathan~


NYC Wedding Photography by NYC Wedding Photography studio, Branham Perceptions Photography

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