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Happy Monday Everybody! So apparently, I strained my lower abdominal muscle. I have no idea when or how, all I know is that it feels like someone is stabbing me every time I sneeze, cough, or  laugh 😦 Really sucks! I am bored out of my mind with nothing to do besides go online or talk on the phone. On the other hand, Johnathan is being the best husband in the world by taking care of the kids and house chores. He even got me ‘get better flowers’ Oh how I love this man!!

Since it is a lazy ol Monday for me, I wanted to enlighten myself and others with some motivational quotes for the heart, body and soul. Hopefully, I’ll be fully recovered by next Monday… Sigh…

NYC Wedding Photographer Motivational quotes (2)

NYC Wedding Photographer Motivational quotes (4)  NYC Wedding Photographer Motivational quotes (3)

Happy Monday!



NYC Wedding Photography by NYC Wedding Photography studio, Branham Perceptions Photography

Flor and Johnathan Branham from Branham Perceptions Photography are multi-published NYC wedding photographers. They know that each wedding day is special and treat their photography as an experience not found with other NYC wedding photography studios. Your wedding day is carefully crafted to offer a luxurious wedding photography experience in the NYC area.

This is NYC wedding photography at its best. Branham Perceptions Photography is a multi-published photography company based in the NYC metro area. Serving NYC and destination weddings worldwide, this NYC wedding photography studio is offering great quality and service and they are located right here in the NYC metro area.

Branham Perceptions Photography says that to be a great NYC wedding photographer, they have to capture their client’s personalities in their images. And that is just what they do.

“We take pride in offering our clients the type of NYC wedding photography they are looking for. It’s one thing to take pictures, but to capture our client’s personalities in our images is priceless”.

Our NYC wedding photography clients are typically looking for meaningful, emotional images versus snapshots, and that is what draws them into our NYC wedding photography studio.

Serving NYC and Beyond

Branham Perceptions Photography offers NYC wedding photography coverage in the NYC metro area. In addition, we also offer destination wedding photography coverage worldwide.

Not looking for an NYC wedding photographer? Please be sure to consider us for your baby portrait photography and all your family photography needs in the NYC area.

We are located conveniently in the NYC metro area at 978 Decatur St. NY, NY 11207. Please call or email us for more information.

To learn more about Branham Perceptions Photography click here 

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