Why you should chose a Professional Wedding Photographer

Hey guys! So I saw this image and it really moved me. Johnathan and I always try to educate our clients on why wedding photography is worth what we charge. This is the picture that I want to show every bride that’s on Craigslist right now shopping for the cheapest wedding photographer. Most of those photographers have no experience, no insurance, and they think that just because they have one camera they can hand you a CD with images and take your money. On one of the most important days of your life.

Sometimes we go to weddings and there’s someone who has a better camera than us. This is the image I want to be reminded of when I feel insecure about our photography equipment. Its not always about the equipment you have but how well you know how to use it. This image is a perfect example of that.

Have an awesome day everyone!

~Flor & Johnathan

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One thought on “Why you should chose a Professional Wedding Photographer

  1. wow, what a d difference. One has to be willing to pay for quality. I mean; it’s a once in a lifetime experience

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